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"You have a very cool hostel! Thanks for your hospitality. I wish I could stay longer."
- Beckie, Australia(17-18 Aug 2005)

"To Yang! Very Big Thank you for all that you did. From taking us in when we hadn’t booked first time to making me feel totally at home after 6 weeks in the jungle! So glad! Got to spend national day in Singapore was a total Blast and I will remember your hostel is totally groovy and you’re the best Host ever. Hope to see you real soon and take big care. Big Thanks."
- Hollie, England(07-10 Aug 2005)

"Mr Yang, who’s probably the most kind person around. Thank you for all your hospitality and help and night tours and letting us tastes the famous durian. Sorry, I couldn’t have the chance to say goodbye. But thanks again for all, this hostel is the sweetest and coolest place I ‘ve ever been. Take care!"
- Hakan, first person from Istanbul, Turkey (02-05 Aug 2005)

"Thank you Yang.We loved coming back to Singapore and staying at hostel 166"
- Rosie(Rowena,London, England(27-28 Jul 2005)

"When we come back from Thai, it felt like home. So thank you Yang"
- Tim, London, England(27-28 Jul 2005)

"Thanks for the tips. I will return!"
- Jude, Australia(24-26 Jul 2005)

"Dear Yang. Thanks for you hospitality and great tips. We got a Real taste for Singapore now (also literally) and felt at home here. Good luck with everything. Take care"
- Love & God bless, Richard and Leah(21-22 Jul 2005)

"Hi everybody who read this. I’m glad to be in Singapore, in the real local Singapore. I’m Spanish guy and I feel here like at home. It’s impressive how far I’m from home and how many resemblances (inner ones) join us. I believe in a world without borders or religions, where human respect and love rules. That way we will be closer than never, even though the distance was far, and we’ll help and collaborate each other as well as we will be respectful with the natural environment. Regards to everybody, specially to Yang. "
- Joaquim, Spain(17-20 Jul 2005)

"Thanks! You are really Mr Yang "Nice Guy"."
-Pandapotan Sianipar, Medan, Indonesia(16-20 Jul 2005)

"Nice to meet u. Thanks for everything you do. I hope one day I have a change to come here again. Nice place, good service and everything." "
- Sham, Terengganu, Malaysia(13-14 Jul 2005)

"Yang, you are like a SAINT, what would we have done without you --- very stupid things!. Thank you so much for your help + amazing hospitality + Thank you for making such a great place. See you again in a couple of weeks"
- Rosie(Rowena,London, England(01-03 Jul 2005)

"Hi Yang. Only stayed a couple of nights but it’s been a great start to our trip. Thanks for all the advice about seeing Singapore and where to go. We’ll be back … infact, we’ve already booked our next visit in less than a month!"
-Tim, London, England(01-03 Jul 2005)

"Well, when we arrived I was shattered. We hadn’t prior booked and just turned up (with the heaviest pack ever). Yang was surprised to see us but pleasured --- We came straight in. The place felt so homely, we were so lucky. Yang told us everything we need to know. A comfy bed, fresh running water and a great host --- We couldn’t have asked for more! Wednesday night came and Yang took us out for DURIAN! Not the most pleasant experience of my life but the waffle with Kaya jam soon made up for it. Yang, you have been fab and hostel one66 is really a special place. Will be seeing you in 6 weeks after Borneo so you can hear all about it!"
- Lots of love Lindsey Raven, England(19-24 June 2005)

"To Yang. This place is so Groovy. Thanks for all you help – was wicked."
- Hollies, England(19-24 June 2005)

"Have Yang feed you the King of Fruits! As he is the King of HOSTS! Thank you for your sincere hospitality. Cheers!"
- Melissa, Oregon, USA(18-19 June 2005)

"Dear Yang, the website full of praise still did not live up to the wonderful reality! We are so lucky to come here on our 1st stop of our trip because you were so welcoming, kind & full of advice. However we are also unlucky because after Hostel 166, nowhere else will compare! I love your quirky style --- The clocks, drain pipe lockers, toilet seat (not sure of the croc though). It was a pleasure to meet you. There should be more people like you in world. Good luck with the baby."
- Laura, England(14-15 June 2005)

"Thank you so much the stay at your hostel and your hospitality. For advising us on where to go and showing us some of the local food specialities, introducing me to durian. The hostel is amazing, I ‘ve never seen anything like it. I want to live here, I’m so sad that I am only staying one day. Good luck with the baby."
- Kathy, England(14-15 June 2005)

"Yang, all the best with the upcoming baby. You have a really good hostel here. Thank you for the nature walk and food recommendations."
- Lewis, England (one of the few Europeans to like Durian (7-10 June 2005)

"Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown us. Your place is so cute and you’re such a good man. We apologise for taking off sooner than planned. As we have told you, we’ll be doing our visa run then we’ll be off. Do give us a call or e-mail us when you swing by Bangkok. Treat is on us. Here’s to you …….Cheers!!! Hope to see you again."
-Kit and Jenny, Philippine (8-9 June 2005)

"Living in your hostel is so freedom and very enjoy it. Thank You."
- Kolin Koon, Malaysia (24-27 May 2005)

""I would like to say that I had a nice time in Singapore and a nice rest in your hostel. Living in your hostel, it’s like living in your own house. I ‘m happy to know you and hopefully I’ll be coming again next time. Thanks a lot for everything and I wish to keep in touch with you. Take a good care.
- Feim Xhafer Dragusha, Yugoslavia,KOSOVA(15-22 May 2005)

""Hello, I just first go to Singapore. The famous country is real. I went to see beautiful building and shopping. But I think the hostel is best. It looks like a candy and the hostel looks like candy too. I like Hostel 166 very much. Thanks for your kindness, Yang.
- Mui and Carb, Thailand( 14-17 May 2005)

"Hostel 166, feels like my own home….."
- Dino, Jakarta, Indonesia (26 - 28 April 2005)

"Thank you Yang for being an excellent host, a great guide and great guy as well. We really enjoyed our stay in your hostel and will do our best to promote Hostel 166 to any of our travelling family and friends."
- Willie and Rod, Perth, Western Australia (19 - 23 April 2005)

"Hi Yang….. it’s me Daniel (Inondesia) Just want u to know that I really like this place. You must keep this place alive. Creative and very unique design, great services and great atmosphere. I am so amaze with this awesome place. See you soon
- Daniel, Indonesia (10 - 15 April 2005)

"On Yang! Thank you so very much for everything. We’re so please we stayed an extra night so you could show us the wetlands reserve. It was beautiful and really made the end of our stay in Singapore special. We’ll will never forget the monitor lizards (especially the massive one that was so close by!) and the koi … though I doubt I’ll ever be brave enough to let one suck my fingers!!. Keep doing what you are doing Yang. This hostel is fabulous and your generosity and warmth are so refreshing-given how impersonal some hostels can be. We will miss you."
- ---- Phil and Bee, South west England(11 - 12 April 2005)

"Short Stay but great place! Yang, you are the bomb that’s a good thing."
- Steve Giles, Auckland, NZ(10 April 2005)

"Dear Yang, You are fabulous, fantastic!! This is the place place I could have ever dreamed about finding in Singapore. We ‘ve had a great time! Good luck with everything. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality"
- Elisabeth, teacher backpacker suprise, Norway (www.backpack-surprise.no)(24 - 25 Feburary 2005)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality here and your kindness. Wish we had more time to chat. It was relaxing place to stay @hostel 166 and so enjoyed the deco, clocks and atmosphere! Glad to add the South Africa time zone to the clocks! Enjoyed the area too, the beautiful hill walk, gorgeous swimming pool and delicious meals downstairs. Will be recommending hostel 166 to everyone! And I’ll be back! Thank you for taking care of my luggage. See you on the 21st. Warm regards,"
- Teresa MacGregor , Cape Town, South Africa(13 - 14 December 2004)

"Our stay short but sweet. Yang, thank you so much for taking us under your wing for the evening, showing us around and introducing us to the local cusine! What a Fab little hostel, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to stay on the 1st night of our 10 month round the world trip."
- Veronica & Alison, England, Bude, Cornwall (01 - 02 November 2004)

"Thanks so much Yang A great place to stay and really nice to meet you both J. Thanks for showing us some of the local foods, yes even durian. I am sure I was very amusing to you when I tried it!! (And I learnt to use to use the chopsticks!). You really make our stay in Singapore. Thanks again, the hostel is really funky + all the recycling, Well see you next month!"
- Amber, New Zealand (25 - 26 October 2004)

"Kia Ora Yang and Mrs J. I can’t believe we made such a good choice hostel-wise. I’ve become so used to hosteliers being impersonal, so to have your personal approach to both your hostel and guests was a welcome change! If our stay in Singapore was anything to go by, then this trip through S.E Asia will be a success. Special thanks for the yummy chicken rice intro and just in case you ‘re not sure who I am, I am the KIWI who took the durian challenge & passed with flying colours! Will even have it again. See you later in our travels."
- Che Che Dearne, New Zealand - KA KITE ANO (25 - 26 October 2004)

"Fantastic room. Crocodile, ehm, its real you know! U all can see what you u never seen before. Thank to our uncle and family coz, make me and my friend happy. When me flying back to Sarawak (east Malaysia), I will make my room like hostel one66. Wala!"
- Norhazali and Steward (06 - 07 September 2004)

"Thank for everything. The great 5 star hostel. The best service. Nice to meet you. Hope to see you again."
- Asrul, Kedah, Malaysia 24 –25 Aug 04 (24 - 25 August 2004)

"Yang, you the nicest Singaporean. And this is the place in Singapore. I surprised you guys still have kerosene lamp, sewing table, charcoal iron. I like the color and design of you place. May be you will be designing MTV studio next, just kidding. Have a good one."
- Wishnu B, Indonesia, 21-23 Aug 04 (21 - 23 August 2004)

"Dear yang, a thousand thank you for your exceptional hospitality and your wonderful hostel. Meredydd and I enjoyed our time with you beyond measure. We are excited and honored to have introduced “Celtic time” (the welsh clock) to the hostel. Traditionally, Celtic time runs a few minutes slower than GMT."
- Laura and Meredydd, Wales (17 - 21 August 2004)

"We had a good time here. Thank you so much your kindness. I ‘m sorry not to say thank you for you directly. ARIGATOU in my heart."
- Akina and family, Japan, 19-21 Aug 04 (19 - 21 August 2004)

"Hi yang! All I can say is great place, great bloke!!. Thanks for showing me around!!. Thanks for all your info !! Nice One66."
- Nikki, Coventry, UK (18 August 2004)

"Yang, thanks you much for the warm hospitality. Running this place really is your gift. Keep up the good work. Thank you for helping me find great local foods!. You are a warm and wonderful person. Best of luck."
- Melisson Houston, Vermilion, Alberta, Canada (18 - 23 July 2004)

"Our stay at Hostel one 66 was really fun and we enjoyed the hostel so much. Yang thew manager was so helpful and took us around the local area to show us what Singapore was really about, we couldn't have asked for a better host. A great place to stay if you are travelling over the border to Malaysia."
- Gemma, UK (18 - 21 July 2004)

"Thank you yang. We really enjoyed our stay here it was fabulous and you were very kind. Best of luck and happiness."
- Natalie Green, England. (9 - 11 July 2004)

"Thank you for your hospitality, this is a fab place, the best I have stayed in. I hope you all the best un the future."
- Samantha Mcnichol, England. (9 - 11 July 2004)

Sara and Maurice "To Yang: we had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for your tours and information. We will certainly be back for more! Best of luck with the hostel. We hope you will have plenty of interesting and nice guests in future. We hope all goes well. Will be letting people know where to stay in Singapore. Slanti Macaudr, MO + SJ"
- Sara and Maurice, Ireland. (26 - 28 June 2004)

Hannah "Dear Yang, Thank you so much for all your help + Hospitality. You have enabled us to really make the most of our short stay in Singapore & we are sure to come back & visit you! The hostel is fantastic & we wish you luck – its bound to be a runaway success and you the perfect host. Thanks again"

"Yes, thank you for all your help!!! Especially when choosing food. Kind regards."

- Hannah and Hannah, UK. (19 - 21 June 2004)

Naomi and Kevin "Yang, Thank you for all the advice and for the crazy breakfast! Comfy bed! I hope the hostel business gets really busy for you, you deserve it! Thanks for a lovely stay. Best of luck."
- Naomi and Kevin, Ireland. (17 - 19 June 2004)

Stefano & Paola "Great Hostel and great Yang! Thank you very much for your hospitality and your kindness."
- The first Italians, Stefano and Paola. (14 - 16 June 2004)

Sarah and Mwamba "Dear Yang. Thanks 4 everything you've done 4 us. We have appreciated and your hostel is the best place ever in Singapore. We had a good time here with you."
- Sarah Sidime and Mwamba, South Africa. (09 - 12 June 2004)

Louise Mette & Stephanie "Dear Yang! Enjoyed our stay so much ! you know we’ll be back. Thanks for guiding us at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and helping us choose the local food. This is a hostel which is small and great."
- Mette, Louise and Stephanie, Denmark. (02 - 05 June 2004)

Sally "It is a clean and convenient place to stay. Also, Yang is a very very nice guy we met. It was my first time staying in a hostel and I felt safe and comfortable. Yang, keep on and let more and more backpakers enjoy your good service! God bless you!"
- Sally and Kendy , Hong Kong (01 & 04 June 2004)

Sandra "Thank you very much Yang! We really enjoyed staying here. Keep smile. Best Wishes!!"
- Sandra Bollhalder and Markus Kressig, Switzerland. (25 - 27 May 2004)

Kana "First Japanese, KANA Takeuchi : Thank you for your kindness. HERE IS BEST HOSTEL. I wish you all the best for everything, YANG"
- KANA Takeuchi, Japan (23 May 2004)

Daniel "1st American !!! Thank you Yang. I never expected the service to be as good. I doubt there are any other hostel in the world with a personal touch like yours. I will never plan a visit to Singapore without seeing you. I’ll see you next time."
- Daniel Scott Thrower, USA (21 - 27 May 2004)

Jeff "What a great place. Thank you very much. Tell me where to go, what shops to go to. Making me eat Singapore food. The hostel is in a good spot and I hope u do very well with it. Will let people know about it on my travels. If I come back to Singapore I will be staying again."
- Jeff Covelli, UK (11 - 14 May 2004)

Jeroen "Dear Yang, Thank you very much for:Your great help,Hospitality,Tourism Info,Food tips,Tasting the DURIAN!, Nice talks, Sitting on the most popular seat in the Hostel, And last but not least OUR OWN CLOCK! Hope you‘ll have a successful hostel and you’ll meet lots of friendly travellers."
- Jeroen and Myrna, Holland (9 - 11 May 2004)

"Thanks for your hospitality. I wish you all the best."
- Hussain S. Athab, Iraq (28 - 29 April 2004 and 11 - 13 May 2004)

"Thanks for taking care of me. I hope you can get a good business. Nice to meet you! I will come back again."
- Farizan, Pahang, Malaysia (6 - 11 May 2004)

"Hi Yang, Thank you for your kind and good hospitality. You make me feel at home. Nice meeting you. Hope to see you again. The best customer service that I ever meet."
- Azliana, Melaka, Malaysia (10 - 11 May 2004)

"Thank you so much for your kind hospitality during our stay in Singapore. Paying so much attention to detail, I'm sure the business will be a huge success. It's rare you stay at a hostel which feels so much like home! Take care and All the Best for the future."
- Andy, Derby, England & Tera, Hamilton, Canada (7 - 9 May 2004)

"Thank you so much for everything, Yang, it’s been a great place to stay! Love the colours! you have certainly made me feel at home (as you can probably tell by the mess left lying around the place!!) Is there a prize for the best, most welcoming & informative hostel in Singapore Or in the world may be! Well there’s no contest if there is! Thanks for a great time, for putting up with me… I’ll be back!"
- Charlotte Bradley, Worcester, England (2 - 5 May 2004)

olivier"WOW!!! I can't say other things then that. That hostel is the most clean, the best service, the most friendly and most cheap that i never been. And i been in lots of place. But the best thing is that everything is recycling. And I am proud of this because i am working in environment issues. Ok keep doing that great job, Yang!"
- Olivier Noel, Canada (23 - 27 April 2004)

krista"The unsuspicious tourist comes to your place expecting a hostel and what he gets is beyond expectations: Superb guiding, warm hospitality, a knowledgeable, devoted person -- or rather -- a friend : Yang. Thanx for all the good times, especially the prawn crackers -- the keropo. See you again soon"
- Krisztina Czoma, Hungary (16 - 19 April and 25 - 27 April 2004)

"Yang, thank you so much for your welcoming, peaceful and lovely place! It's so relaxing to stay here after walking in the lively city of Singapore.... Don't change anything. Yang, your hospitality and kindness are above all frontiers and barriers of langauges..... Maybe one day in France, or another time here."
- Julien and Cecile, France (21 - 22 April 2004)

"Just a brief but warm ( 35 degree with fan- La) Beautiful stay. Had a mee goreng over the road last nite. Lots of chilli (Yes) and this morning "Roti Prata" with onions, curry sauce. Perfect spot with great local food. Only passing through (this time). But shall be spreading the word and encourage others to stay here longer. Yang have erected an intimate - different and welcoming place. Cheers. Glad I found it."
- Zandra Palmer, New Zealand (20 - 21 April 2004)

adam"Yang thanks for the awesome time! You were brilliant and the hostel is perfect. I shall be telling everyone to stay here on their way through! Singapore is incredible as well. You need a lot longer than 3 days." Thanks again Yang."
- Adam, NZ (29 March - 02 April 2004)

The Fabulous 4

The Fabulous Four (F4) - from left : Jon, Nat, Justin and Roland

"The first guest to pass through the door of Hotel One66!!. You have a fantastic place, keep up the good work and all the best for the future."
- Jon Casey, UK (26 - 28 March 2004)

"2nd guest at Hostel One66! We had a fantastic time in Singapore, shame we couldn't stay longer. Thanks for being such a great guide Yang, and for recommending such lovely food to us, especially Durian!"
- Natalie Adams, UK (26 - 28 March 2004)

"3rd guest. Gosh. I always came third in this hostel :)! 2 guess the first few will be remembered most lot. Anyway for the record, I suppose to come first but due to Yang's fault in the logistics ( kidding, he was brilliant!! Love you mate). I actually wondered around the beautiful city of Singapore and lost track of the time, so that's why I came THIRD.....hahaha. Though a small hostel, it is made up by the warm hospitality of the proprietor, hence rivalled the other 5 Star hotels :)"
- Justin D Siap, Sabah, Malaysia (26 - 28 March 2004)

"4th guest in this spot. Had a great time. Good food, just across th street, wonderful park with small lake in just 10 minutes, on foot. Last but not least Yang as th great Host. Thanks and good luck. See you in Sept 04."
- Roland, Bali/Swizterland (27 - 31 March 2004)

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