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Getting around Singapore
EZ-Link card

The EZ-Link card, a contactless smart-card, is an easier, cheaper and faster way to travel on MRT Trains and buses in Singapore.

Upon arrival at Singapore Changi Airport, buy an ezlink card for S$15 at the Changi Airport MRT station. S$7 is the travel credit (With effect from 4th November 2003), S$3.00 is the Refundable Travel Deposit and S$5 is the non-refundable Card Cost.

When travelling by MRT train or bus, touch the ezLink card lightly on the card reader upon entry and exit to an MRT station or upon boarding and disembarking a bus. The published ezLink-discounted fare (you pay more if you do not use ezlink card) is automatically deducted from the pre-paid amount. The pre-paid amount in the card can be topped-up (minimum S$10, in multiples of S$10.00) at any MRT train station. Before departing Singapore, return the ezLink card to any MRT train station for any unused portion of the travel credit and the travel deposit. For more information, please check out Ezlink website


Singapore’s subway, metro or the tube is known as MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Travelling on the MRT is cheap, fast, reliable and comfortable.There are 3 main lines for the modern and air-conditioned trains service that covered the entire Singapore from housing estates to city centre.

The North-South line runs to/from Marina Bay to Jurong East via Woodlands and the East-West line runs to/from Changi Airport to Boon Lay.

The North-East line was recently opened and it runs to/from HarbourFront to Punggol, serving the residents in the North-East area of Singapore.

For more information, please check out the MRT routes map and SMRT website or SBS website


Bus services are provided by SBS (Singapore Bus services) and TIBS (Trans Island Bus Services). It is relatively easy to travel from point to point and fares start from: S$0.70 to S$1.40 for non air-conditioned buses and S$0.80 to S$1.70 for air-conditioned buses

For more information, please check out TIBS website or SBS website


Air-conditioned cabs provide comfortable, hassle-free travel at a reasonable cost. They can be flagged down 24 hours a day on most roads, at taxi-stands outside most major shopping centres, hotels, Changi Airport and Woodlands checkpoint. All taxis are metered but some surcharges are not shown on the meter.

For full details on the surcharges imposed, please check out TIBS Taxis website or CityCab website

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